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USSSA Team Classifications for 2017

How Are Teams Classified by USSSA?

The main objective for team classification is allowing teams to play within their skill level and bring parity to IL USSSA program. This allows IL USSSA to develop tournaments or divisions within a tournament for different classes. It also allows us to play in the correct bracket at USSSA World Series events.  As teams enter the system the IL Regional and State Directors will monitor entries and adjust the class selected as required as USSSA reserves the right to reclassify teams as it sees fit for the betterment of the entire program.


Girls' Fastpitch Class “A” - Any team considered to be the highest level competitive travel team within IL. If your team is normally in contention to win each tournament you enter and you beat the "better" teams in your state, and you have multiple front line pitchers, then you should consider yourself an "A" team.  Another impact, that should be heavily considered is substantial travel, practice commitments and expense. "A" teams often travel across several states to participate in tournaments. Costs that are typically over and above registration fees just to join an organization.  Practice and game schedules often prohibit players from participating from other sports.   A small percentage of teams qualifies for "A".

Girls' Fastpitch Class “B” - Any team considered to be an above average level competitive travel team. If the team is occasionally in contention to win a tournament they enter and are competitive with most teams in your division/region, and have solid but not overwhelming pitching, then it should consider yourself an "B" team. The travel, game and practice schedules are often more accommodating to the multi-sport athlete.  The majority of teams qualify for "B".

Girls' Fastpitch Class “C” - Any team that typically only plays in a local league, a town league, an all star team from a local league or a team that might only play in one or two tournaments a year.  A "C" team is also any team considered to be an entry level or new travel team with kids new to travel softball  and lacks the experience and number of skilled players and pitchers to compete on a National or State levels with the higher skilled Class “A and B” teams.  

Age Classification USSSA allows teams to sanction their team with actual age levels (10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U, 15U, 16U, 18U).  This allows IL USSSA to create tournaments and divisions within a tournament with teams of the same age and skill level. Also, teams can play at the World Series at their exact age level. Teams are still free to "play up" to the next level, if they feel the additional challenge is warranted.

“Tournaments”- The Geneva Foxes will participate in 2017-18 tournaments classified as “OPEN”,  “A” or “B”.  These entries will be decided by our coaches & board and are dependent upon the skill level and development of our teams. 

For National and Regional World Series events the classification is very important as team are able to compete on the big stage with teams of similar capabilities.